Greg Parham

Greg Parham

Your attorney should make things easier for you - not harder.

Greg finds practical, effective solutions to complex legal problems.

Your legal problems
shouldn’t keep you up at night.

Not to worry. Greg's seen it all.

He’s been practicing law since 1994. He’s a real estate broker, real estate investor, and co-founder of First Alliance Title.

Legal Solutions

Real Estate Law

He’s got creative solutions for many complex real estate scenarios.

Business Representation

While we’re talking about legal issues, let’s make sure that your business is set up correctly and that your agreements are in place.

Protect your assets and your reputation.

Estate Planning

And you know Greg wouldn’t be a good attorney if he didn’t mention Estate Planning. It’s critical, but rarely does it need to be super complicated.

Why overcomplicate an estate plan?


Here’s what Greg doesn’t do:

Greg doesn’t do bankruptcy, he doesn’t chase debtors, he doesn’t do criminal law, and he chooses his litigation cases very carefully.

However, if you need someone in these areas
he has good referrals for you.


How Much Will This Cost?

In most cases, Greg tries to bill everything flat fee.

How Do I Get Started?

Take the first step and cross your legal issues off your list.

Call or Email Greg

He will call you back to :

Greg will handle the details

and find a practical resolution to your legal problems.

Your legal problems resolved.
Now go get some zzzs.